Spotlight On: Nurse TV on TV Promo

Nurse TV on TV Promo

NurseTV, a new nationally-syndicated television show, captures the real lives of nurses and brings their compelling stories straight to your living room. The TV... (more)

Nurse Profiles

  • Critical Transport7:24

    When a critically ill child needs specialized care, the Critical Care Transport Team at Children's Hospital Orange County comes to the rescue. NurseTV takes you... (more)
  • CSI RN7:07

    When someone is sexually assaulted, it's up to a forensic nurse to collect evidence and comfort the victim. For these nurses, it's real life CSI. NurseTV shows ... (more)
  • Flight of Mercy4:03

    A young man fights for his life after a serious motorcycle accident. Join a Mercy Air crew as they swoop in from the sky to try to save him. NurseTV takes you f... (more)
  • From Scrubbing to Scrubs3:44

    See how an accomplished surgical nurse went from scrubbing the OR floors as a janitor to running the operating room. His story of perseverance and determination... (more)
    Category: Nurse Profiles
  • Hospital Concierge3:40

    You expect a concierge at a hotel in Las Vegas... but at a hospital? See how a hospital concierge is helping patients and nurses alike. These hospital concierge... (more)
    Category: Nurse Profiles
  • In A Time of Need3:42

    As devastating wildfires sweep through Southern California, local nurses volunteered their time to help those in need. NurseTV takes you inside the make-shift m... (more)
  • Inside a Pediatric ER5:00

    We go inside the Emergency Department at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego to see how nurses take care of our most vulnerable patients. From helping an infa... (more)
  • Life of a CNO4:03

    What is like to be a chief nursing officer? NurseTV spent the day with the CNO from Alvarado Hospital to find out. We put on our walking shoes and try to keep u... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Careers
  • Mantram for the Mind3:34

    A former psychiatric nurse and research scientist teaches veterans how to overcome stress and anxiety using their mind. Mantram, meaning "to cross the mind" or ... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Education
  • Minute Medicine3:39

    It's a new trend in healthcare delivery. There's no wait, no fuss. They're quick and easy health clinics located inside drug stores and staffed by Nurse Practit... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Careers
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