Spotlight On: Nurse TV on TV Promo

Nurse TV on TV Promo

NurseTV, a new nationally-syndicated television show, captures the real lives of nurses and brings their compelling stories straight to your living room. The TV... (more)

Nurse Profiles

  • Nurses with Heart4:56

    Nurses at Camp del Corazon volunteer their time to keep an eye on their special campers -- children with all forms of heart disease. The camp is completely free... (more)
  • The Neuro Nurse4:14

    Jane Ahrenberg is called the "field general" of the OR. She keeps things running smoothly during brain surgeries at Community Regional Medical Center.... (more)
  • Watch Over Me3:23

    As a Critical Care Nurse at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital, it's up to Kay Frye to keep a watchful eye over her patients and get them out of anesthesia safely... (more)
  • Kids Clinic4:22

    Go inside a busy Rady Children's Hospital Clinic and see how the dedicated nurses care for their young patients. This out-patient clinic is busy, busy, busy and... (more)
    Category: Nurse Profiles
  • A Mission of Mercy5:18

    NurseTV travels to Tula, Mexico with the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team for a week of life-changing surgeries. These volunteer nurses and doctors spent a week in ... (more)
  • Aid for Africa4:31

    An American nurse moved by the struggles of those in Uganda sets up a scholarship to send African students to nursing school. Karen Randolph says her life and c... (more)
  • Ambulance RN2:59

    Go for a ride-along with a Critical Care Transport Nurse and see how she cares for a trauma patient. The pressure is on for the transport nurse since it's her r... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Careers
  • Caring for the Community5:08

    A community clinic is a healthcare setting like no other. Spend a day with the nurses who are the front lines of the healthcare safety net. NurseTV takes you be... (more)
  • Caring for the Wounded2:34

    A burn survivor herself, this amazing burn & wound care nurse is helping those with painful injuries overcome their physical and emotional challenges. Hear her ... (more)
  • Civil War Nurses3:35

    The United States Civil War marked a turning point for the nursing profession. The co-author of a new book on Civil War medicine shares stories about the rise o... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Education

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