Spotlight On: Nurse TV on TV Promo

Nurse TV on TV Promo

NurseTV, a new nationally-syndicated television show, captures the real lives of nurses and brings their compelling stories straight to your living room. The TV... (more)


  • Nurses with Heart4:56

    Nurses at Camp del Corazon volunteer their time to keep an eye on their special campers -- children with all forms of heart disease. The camp is completely free... (more)
  • A Mission of Mercy5:18

    NurseTV travels to Tula, Mexico with the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team for a week of life-changing surgeries. These volunteer nurses and doctors spent a week in ... (more)
  • Aid for Africa4:31

    An American nurse moved by the struggles of those in Uganda sets up a scholarship to send African students to nursing school. Karen Randolph says her life and c... (more)
  • Getting a Fresh Start4:03

    Nurses and doctors volunteer their weekends to provide free surgeries to those in need. For the nurses and doctors, it's a chance to give back to the community.... (more)
    Category: Volunteering
  • In A Time of Need3:42

    As devastating wildfires sweep through Southern California, local nurses volunteered their time to help those in need. NurseTV takes you inside the make-shift m... (more)
  • Mission to Africa6:14

    A travel nurse journeys to Africa to help those in need. In September 2007, Diane Felton decided to take a two-week hiatus from her day-to-day duties as a nurse... (more)
  • Nursing News Update #222:14

    A flu pandemic could mean a big shortage of nurses at local hospitals, according to a recent survey of nurses at a San Francisco-based medical center. In other ... (more)

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