Spotlight On: Nurse TV on TV Promo

Nurse TV on TV Promo

NurseTV, a new nationally-syndicated television show, captures the real lives of nurses and brings their compelling stories straight to your living room. The TV... (more)

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  • 13 Weeks Episode 412:56

    Experience the nurses' time outside the hospital, when it's all fun and party planning around Halloween...almost. The stress of living together boils over for R... (more)
  • 13 Weeks Episode 514:38

    The travel nurses head outside for some joyriding on Segways. One of the nurses becomes the patient after Angel takes a spill and ends up in the ER with a broke... (more)
  • 13 Weeks Episode 610:51

    The 13 WEEKS nurses hit the high seas for a trip to Catalina Island for one last group outing. Then it's back to the mansion to pack and say their goodbyes. Lis... (more)
  • A Mission of Mercy5:18

    NurseTV travels to Tula, Mexico with the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team for a week of life-changing surgeries. These volunteer nurses and doctors spent a week in ... (more)
  • A Robot in the OR3:14

    Named after the legendary inventor, the da Vinci Surgical System is using robotics to transform how surgeries are performed. Meet the nurse who makes sure the s... (more)
    Category: Medical Technology
  • A+ ACNL9:07

    Welcome to the 30th Annual Association of California Nurse Leaders conference in Palm Desert. Nurse leaders from all over the state have gathered to discuss tec... (more)
  • About Access Nurses3:48

    Learn more about Access Nurses; the nurse staffing company that sponsored 13 Weeks and handled the nursing assignments for the entire cast. Access Nurses is the... (more)
    Categories: Travel Nursing, Careers
  • Aid for Africa4:31

    An American nurse moved by the struggles of those in Uganda sets up a scholarship to send African students to nursing school. Karen Randolph says her life and c... (more)
  • Ambulance RN2:59

    Go for a ride-along with a Critical Care Transport Nurse and see how she cares for a trauma patient. The pressure is on for the transport nurse since it's her r... (more)
    Categories: Nurse Profiles, Careers
  • AMSN Exhibits5:55

    Go inside the exhibit hall at the 16th Annual Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses conference and see what's hot in new healthcare technology. Companies showed of... (more)
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